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Priority to the well-being, love and serenity of our companions

4 individual houses & 1 "large family" house all with a "pent house" and isolated

Heating, separate bedding area, courtyard with small perches for moments of relaxation overlooking the garden.



The Pension was built to the standards of the "Feline Advisory Bureau" FAB Cats in Great Britain in order to offer reception houses that offer the best possible conditions for our 4-legged friends. This organization has existed for many years and has a great experience of comfort, health & safety.


The cattery being in the garden, we are therefore very often in contact with your companions, taking care of their health and well-being.

By calling on the Andretto Batiment companyat SEIX and thanks to their exemplary work and investment, the houses are now ready to welcome your companions in the best conditions.


The Houses can accommodate 1 or 2 cats from the same family, with a penthouse style in 1st floor, a window, individual heating and access ramp.

We have thermo-active blankets, washable at 80 ° c. However, we advise you to bring your own bedding because cats are more comfortable with their family odors.

A litter corner allows the cat to isolate himself for his needs and a courtyard with a view of the garden occupies him during his stay.

In the courtyard there are also small perches and scratching posts to distract and entertain your companion.


There is a safety corridor for entrance, then each house is screened with polycarbonate barriers to let in the sun. But each cat has its own private domain.


You have the choice either to bring the favorite dishes of your companions, or entrust us with the care of feeding them with dry meals from Hills or Nutrivet.

We have a great preference for Nutrivet, the composition is similar but a little better than Hills. The big plus is that Nutrivet DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS and their headquarters are in Lot et Garonne departement.

We also have Almo Nature & Whiskas' wet meals. Almo nature is also French and they also have a very responsible ethic, helping animal protection associations.





11 € per day
13 € per day with heating

Package 4 weeks (28 days) per year, split, for a cat: 280 euros



The price includes

  • the individual or collective house fitted out for the well-being of the cat (isolated "pent house" with bed and cushions, scratching posts, toys, separate litter corner, courtyard with small perches with view on the garden.)

  • heating in winter

  • quality croquettes (Hills or Nutrivet) or wet meals (Almo nature or whiskeys) and water

  • cleaning the litter box and the house as often as necessary

  • attention and petting several times a day


Hameau Les Billouteaux

09230 Montardit

Tel:  06 26 35 17 80


9:00 - 20:00



10:00 - 18h00



Merci pour votre message, nous vous recontacterons au plus vite.

© 2020 Pension Les Compagnons à Quatre Pattes

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